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Late Night Talk About Late Night Shows

In Conversations on February 2, 2010 at 4:19 pm

Life Edits. I like that term. And I found this blog post–from–about Life Edits to be a good mantra to follow through this Job Search–and always. Beyond Proofreading and Writing Help: Life Edits for 2010.

Speaking of Stephanie Flaxman’s suggestions, now might just be the perfect time to finish that list of mine from Friday’s post, When Two Millennials Walk into a Bar…

3. That working hard–and smart–is what pays off. This sentence pretty much explains itself. And to me, working hard and smart is obvious, something I’ve always done. And took pride in. I do a good job, or don’t do it at all. I work hard, or don’t bother working. If I don’t know it, I research it. I learn it. I immerse myself in it. I ask questions. Do these and you’ll succeed. Be patient, too. (I sound like a fortune cookie…)

4. Team CoCo, Team Leno, and NBC Theory. Scene: Probably THE Coldest night of the winter in Boston. Swanky restaurant and bar. But not too swanky. Young and sophisticated meets casually cool meets hip music meets modern comfort food meets an with-exposed-brick-and-white-linear-furniture-this-could-be-an-Internet-cafe-by-day atmosphere. Newbury St. 9pm or so. Actually, probably closer to 10 when theory was discuss. Two Millennials sitting at a high, two-top bar table.

@AdmanEkim: So what’s your take on all this late night drama?

@thedivaonadime (me): Team Coco all the way baby. Brookline’s finest.

@AdmanEkim: Me too. I love Conan. His last few shows were great, really went out with a bang, they say.

@thedivaonadime: I’ve been Team Coco since, like, birth. I went to a taping of Late Night with Conan O’Brien s when I was 16. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was a guest. OMG, and the opening to his first Tonight Show was hilarious. It sucks though. Seriously, if Leno still wanted a show, he shouldn’t have ever left The Tonight Show. It’s embarrassing. I wonder what Johnny Carson’s thinking….

@AdmanEkim: But, see, the problem was the ratings and the audiences of Coco versus Leno. Coco just doesn’t have the amount of followers that Leno has, because he appeals to an older demographic. Coco’s ratings on The Tonight Show just weren’t that great, and NBC knows Leno has a bigger following and has had higher ratings in his spot on the The Tonight Show.

@thedivaonadime: I know, I know. And it was the affiliate stations that were complaining about low ratings for their 11pm News broadcasts. And everyone says that our generation–which is a large part of Conan’s followers (especially the 18-36 male demographic)–doesn’t care about just watching television. That we’re more interactive, more inept to multi-task. And that Coco won’t make it far on TV because of that reason–which is why he must have a better social media platform to coincide with his show. He is our future of TV, which is going to be very interactive and Internet-based; at least that’s what I think.

@AdmanEKim: Yeah, but the problem with that is NBC is so big, I bet it was hard to mobilize such a plan–if they even thought of that. He is going to come back bigger than ever in September. I can’t wait.

@thedivaonadime: Me too. So here’s my theory, though. Conan just didn’t have enough time to prove himself. And sans those two months when Leno’s new show wasn’t yet on the air, Leno has always been on the air before Conan (or before the News before Conan). It took a few weeks for Conan to really get comfortable on The Tonight Show and then, BAM!, Leno shows up. Conan’s ratings were probably low because Leno’s show sucked. People went to bed or changed the channel, so they never got to watch Conan’s show, never having the chance to like it and follow it. And that demographic–The Boomers, mostly–watching Prime Time at 10pm and the news after, usually fall asleep during The Tonight Show; that means when Leno was on The Tonight Show they may not have ever seen Conan after, therefore never turning to NBC after the 10pm slot of Jay Leno’s show, neither for the News nor Conan.

@AdmanEKim: Interesting…

@thedivaonadime: I mean, believe me, Coco’s new show better be more socially influenced and interactive, but Conan was never set up for success at NBC. And But who’s to say Leno’s former Tonight Show fans are going to tune in when Leno’s back in his old spot?

@thedivaonadime: Oh yeah, and PS, @jimmyfallon does a great job with integrating his Twitter account and TV show. He has over 2 million followers.

This NBC late-night drama did organically grow some social media speak for the two hosts, here are some of my favorite highlights:
Coco putting The Tonight Show for sale on Craigslist.

#I’mwithCoco social media metrics. Note the higher percentage for Conan on “Twitter Mentions-I’m with X,” “Twitter Mentions-Team X,” “Twitter Mentions-Brand Name,” and “Facebook Fans.”
This Blogger’s plan for Conan’s future.


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